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VIDEO: A Certain Idiot From Wendy Shay’s Camp Snatched A Mic From An Underground Artist On Stage

A Certain Idiot From Wendy Shay's Camp Snatched A Mic From An Underground Artist On Stage

I know Rufftown Records’ CEO, Bullet is known for training and bringing up young musicians especially females who thrive on useless hype and controversial songs──but I never knew he also trains idiots at his camp.

Who is this idiot I’m talking about? He has been identified as Abbass and on the night of Wendy Shay’s Concert, he “disrespected, disgraced and lowered a talented Underground Artist To Zero”.

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I know there are a bunch of noisemaking underground artists out there who got nothing to offer when offered a bigger stage to prove their talent but that doesn’t mean they should be disrespected and disgraced on stage.

On the night of Wendy Shay’s concert, one idiot (Abbass) forcefully snatched the mic from an underground rapper whilst delivering some punchlines on stage.

The underground artist was never prompted to bring his performance to an end to give way for Article Wan to perform, the mic was forcefully pulled from his hands and it was sad.

But thank God, the idiot thought he was disgracing this underground artist without knowing he was rather opening doors of greatness for him.

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Medikal, who was once an underground artist and became a top artist after meeting his ‘saviour’, Criss Waddle, who trained and thought him a lot of things including making money aside from the music business, has some good news for this disrespected and disgraced underground artist.

Medikal after watching the video of how the mic was forcefully snatched from this underground artist has promised to collaborate with him on a song and also finance the music video as well.

The underground artist is on his way to blow──and all thanks to Medikal and the idiot (Abbass) as well.

Watch the video below.

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