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VIDEO: 4th Wife Of Dr Kwaku Oteng, Akua GMB, Pretends To Be Happy About His 5th Wife Brouhaha

4th Wife Of Dr Kwaku Oteng, Akua GMB, Pretends To Be Happy About His 5th Wife Brouhaha

The 4th wife of Dr Kwaku Oteng, Sally Akua Amoakowaa Mensah also known as Akua GMB has no option but to put up a pretentious smiling face in a video in reaction to his 5th wife brouhaha.

Akua GMB must be feeling the pain of Dr Kwaku Oteng’s 3rd wife by now but she’s got no option than to pretend to be excited about the news majority of women hate to hear in their marriages─“honey I’m marrying another wife”─and in Dr Kwaku Oteng’s case, it’s a 5th wife!

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Akua GMB hopped on Instagram 5 hours ago, posted a video of herself pretending to be happy about Dr Kwaku Oteng picking a 5th wife and then with a caption suggesting that she is indeed bleeding internally.

Akua GMB wrote; “Giant slayers do not waste their weapon on ants 🐜. By Dr Boadi Nyameky3. Thank you 🙏Papa 🥰😘😘❤️❤️. Thank God its Friday 🥰🥰🥰”.

Dr Kwaku Oteng’s 5th wife, Linda, is also a pretty young lady with ‘everything’ intact and it’s obvious that the competition is now tough for Akua GMB and I hope she sails through.

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From the look of things, Dr Kwaku Oteng is likely to add a 6th wife and even more─and Linda should also prepare for such hard-hitting news in the coming years.

Watch Akua GMB’s video below and tell me whether she’s pretending to be happy or she is happy about the news for real.

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