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Victoria Lebene’s Husband, Eugene Nkansah, Cheated On Her By L***ing Abena Korkor’s Pxxy

Victoria Lebene's Husband, Eugene Nkansah, Cheated On Her By L***king Abena Korkor's Pxxy - And Still Begging In Her DM To L***k More

Abena Korkor Addo has bipolar and yet these men won’t leave her alone — knowing very well that she would call them out in case she relapses.

Well, she has dropped a bombshell during a 2-hour live Instagram video and updated her infamous 2017 list of popular men who have slept with her.

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Her latest addition to the list are Lexis Bill, Eugene Osarfo Nkansah and NDC’s Chief Binney — and according to her, Eugene Nkansah gave her the l***kings of her life.

From Abena Korkor’s revelation, it’s obvious that Eugene Nkansah cheated on his wife, Victoria Lebene, by l***king Abena’s pxxy.

According to Abena, Eugene Nkansah is still in her DM begging to visit her at home — probably to l***k more and finally hit the punani.

Men will always be men!!! Watch the video below…

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