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Van Lathan Drags Akon In The Mud For Saying “Black Americans Are Lazy Performers”

Van Lathan Drags Akon In The Mud For Saying "Black Americans Are Lazy Performers"

Okay, calm down Van Lathan, the fact that your ancestors suffered as slaves doesn’t mean you are beyond criticism or comparison.

Van Lathan is the latest to drag Akon on American musicians are “lazy performers” comment and he blasted Akon with black ancestral history and the modern-day struggle of black folks instead of the topic Akon raised: Africans are better performers compared to American singers.

Van called Akon a clown and further added that he is known for sh-tting on black Americans. Does he?

Akon has been under a lot of criticism after he made the above statements over the weekend, however, I feel we’ve all lost the argument about the topic raised but attacked Akon unduly. Are American singers better performers as compared to Africans?

Via Media Take Out;

Van Lathan roasted Akon after the rapper claimed that Americans are lazy performers compared to Africans.

“First off, Akon has been on his clown sh-t for years now but that’s another topic… I wanna say something though. I’m Black. Like Black American Black,” wrote Lathan on Instagram.

“Like South Louisiana bayou bondage Black. Like my father was raised by Bishop and Lizzie Lathan Black. The kind of Black where you grow up around old people with scarred souls who tell you about everyone who died and everyone who lived so you could sit down and drink a soda on a Saturday.”

He added, “The type of Black where you understand the beauty and the danger of your skin from the beginning, because the old people want you know what they been through. Real talk, I’m sick of seeing people sh-t on that. And make no mistake, when you single out Black Americans for criticism, the ones who have culturally empowered the entire diaspora, you’re sh-tting an entire experience I feel connected to by birthright. This seems to be happening more now, why?”

Akon faced backlash on social media for the remarks…many taking offense to his opinion.

“Them n-ggas gon’ be wobbling, pants hanging half down, bored as hell, half asleep ‘cause they high as hell on stage. But Africa, we wake up in the morning—like, look at these YouTube clips of all these kids from Uganda. Like these kids are performers. So for us, it comes natural,” said Akon.

Well, Akon’s statement that American singers are mostly dull and high during performances while Africans are active and lively is stitched. I believe there are junky singers in Africa that give out lousy performances as well.

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