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Undergraduate Scholarships For International Students

Normally in my view, undergraduate applicants from foreign countries have a lot of scholarships to apply for more than master’s and doctoral students. You get to see these scholarships in larger quantities in European countries although the language is sometimes a barrier if you can learn it you enjoy a 4-year study.

Today I will take you through some undergraduate scholarships for international students:

Norway free university

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Norway free education, Norway one of the most developed European countries which is also a less populated country with about 5.4 million citizens offers free education for all its citizens in their public universities.

Free education isn’t limited to only its citizens but also foreigners from underdeveloped countries provided you are ready to learn their language since the language for instruction at the undergraduate is Norwegian. Some free schools which offer free undergraduate scholarships for internationals can be seen below:

Nord University

Although they haven’t been around for long, they understand the essence of getting access to free education, foreign applicants only need to just an application fee and show proof of enough funds to cover their long stay. In case you want your study to be in English, you pay a small amount of $100 and you commence your studies.

University of Bergen

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The noble institution’s undergraduate program is fully in Norweigan except for their master’s which is taught in English. There is a small amount of money to be paid to the student welfare who in turn give you cheap accommodation to live in.

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

Located in the western part of Norway with over five working campuses, four of the languages of instruction are in English with one in Norwegian. It is not entirely free applicants would have to pay a meager amount every semester.

Daad Germany scholarship

The Germans despite their racist tag are very passionate about education as they roll out a scholarship program called Daad every year to assist both its citizens and internationals who wish to study at the undergraduate level. The program welcomes over 200,000 applicants every year from all over the world. Some schools to look out for if you want to study at the undergraduate level can be seen below

Technical University of Munich

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Also known as the entrepreneurial university which educates students on how to get adequate knowledge on how to establish a business and manage a big firm. They also offer a wide range of technical courses such as engineering, computer science, and agricultural programs. The language of instruction is in both English and German but applicants should provide a proficiency certificate in their language of instruction.

Free University of Berlin

The name alone should tell you it goes for free, foreign students can apply for a scholarship. Foreign applicants would be made to sit for an entrance exam in German which he or she must have a score of at least b2. He then gets the chance to enjoy a free three-year bachelor’s program at the university.

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