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UK Scholarships For African Students 2024

UK Scholarships for African Students 2024

Seeking a scholarship to do your master’s and Ph.D. in the UK as an African student can be a herculean task and depressing since you would be contesting against Asians and South Americans.

The UK as we previously talked about has one of the best education systems which is the envy of some other foreign countries. A holder of a certificate obtained from a UK university stands tall securing a lucrative job above her colleagues from other countries except for Canada, Australia, and the USA.

Despite everyone wanting to have access to quality education in the UK, it is pocket-draining as the cheapest university charges around 5000 pounds, and the highest charges 100,000 pounds for foreign students. The UK government which is very passionate about everyone getting access to quality education has rolled out several scholarship programs available to all.

Today we look at UK scholarships for African students in 2024.

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To first apply as an African student make sure you have very good grades in your secondary school exams in case you want to apply for an undergraduate program. You should also back it up with an IELTS with a good score plus a good recommendation letter from your former teacher.

People looking to apply for a master’s should possess at least a second upper and master’s holders going for a Ph.D. should have a distinction.

You can then try the following mentioned scholarship programs below:

University of Oxford UK Africa Oxford Visiting fellows program for African scholars for masters

Called Afox for short was specially created to help strengthen the research skills of very intelligent African students and also connect them to foreign students. It is normally awarded to brilliant students whose project work can make a good impact in the world, through the scholarship they are linked with world-renowned scholars who have also created mind-blowing projects to mentor them.

It’s a highly competitive scholarship that is more like a survival of the fittest, as only 12 people are picked from the whole of Africa. Selected persons have their visas, plane tickets, and places of stay fully funded. Also during your 12-month stay there, you are given monthly stipends.

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University of Bradford 2024 Sub-Saharan Africa scholarship

Specifically for sub-Saharan students who wish to apply for an undergraduate and postgraduate program. To be eligible, you must have good passes in your secondary school exams alongside a transcript with good academic records.

Those looking to apply for the postgraduate should have at least a second class upper in their undergraduate certificate. Also, applicants should show proof of enough funds as the scholarship is limited to only the fees and not other expenses.

Mo Ibrahim Foundation 2024 GDAI Ph.D. scholarship for Africans

Established by Sudanese billionaire Mo Ibrahim in 2006, the scholarship has for the past 16 years now been offering a free scholarship to master holders who seek to top up to the doctoral level. It opened for application to all African students who hold a distinction in their master’s, they get the chance to enjoy a free 4-year Ph.D. study.

Swansea University 2024 International Excellence Scholarships

Have prospects of studying in one of the best cities in the UK? Then buckle up for the Swansea scholarship as you would get the chance to read your dream course for free at either the undergraduate or postgraduate level. African applicants who are fortunate may get the chance to get it in full while others are partial.

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