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Tyre Nichols Step Father Denies Rumors That Nichols Was Having An Affair With One Of The Officers Baby Mama

Tyre Nichols Step Father Denies Rumors That Nichols Was Having An Affair With One Of The Officers Baby Mama

Tyre Nichols‘ gruesome murder by five black police officers is saddening and mystifying to everyone. Meanwhile, social media folks tried making sense of the incident and started a rumor that Nichols was having an affair with one of the officer’s baby mamas he worked with at FedEx. Hence the attack was an act of revenge.

However, at Nichols’ vigil held by the family yesterday, Nichol’s stepfather Rodney Wells shut down the rumors, saying Nichols never had an encounter with any of his killers’ partners. Implying that the attack was simply baseless and senseless.

The five dirty cops are now being charged with second-degree murder.

Via TMZ;

Tyre Nichols was NOT having a relationship with the wife of one of the Memphis police officers involved in his brutal beating … according to his stepdad, who is addressing a rumor that’s all over the Internet.

Tyre’s stepfather, Rodney Wells, denied the scandalous accusation Tuesday during a prayer vigil outside the Nichols’ home, saying … “My son was not messing around with one of the officer’s wives. That’s just a rumor.”

For those unaware, there’s been a rumor gaining traction online and on social media recently … folks are claiming, without evidence, Tyre worked at FedEx in Memphis with one of the officer’s wives and had a relationship with the woman.

The implication … the cops were out for revenge. There’s also unsubstantiated rumors the officer in question sent the woman a picture of Tyre after the beating.

But, Tyre’s stepdad says the rumors simply aren’t true … and it’s the first time the family’s addressed the claims, which, frankly, are reckless.

Five police officers beat this man for three minutes, poor Nichols suffered internal bleeding with damaging wounds before he finally died. For a group of men who swore to protect us, a revenge attack is a stupid justification for this savage murder.

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