Twitter User Explains Why He Wouldn’t Be Bothered If Any Man Sleeps With His Girlfriend

Twitter User Says Any Man Who Want To Bonk His Girlfriend Is At Liberty- Backs His comment With Tangible Reasons
Twitter user

A Twitter user by the name Bassey has made a startling statement saying any guy who wants to flirt and gave fun with his girlfriend is at liberty to do so only if his girlfriend agrees.

It is news because the reasons he gave to back his statement carries some wisdom and you would love to know about it.

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Backing his statement, he said the only reason his only girlfriend will agree to go out with any man is that he wasn’t the man she wanted after all if she wanted him, there is no way she would agree to go out with another man.

But once she agrees he will never fight with his fellow man for going out or having fun with his girlfriend.

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He advised men to let go of such a woman who agrees to another man’s proposal because that is a clear indication that such a girlfriend isn’t willing to stay.

“Because She’s my GIRLFRIEND, It Doesn’t Mean you Cant CHAT Or FLIRT With Her. Brother, If You Ask Her Out Or Invite Her Over, She Agrees, Fix her, Buy Her What She Needs &Go Out With Her.

If Things Go Further, So Be It, Just Be The Boyfriend I couldn’t Be For Her. Because If I Was The Boyfriend She Really Wanted, She Wont Flirt Or Come Over To You While She Has A Boyfriend.

Dont Fight A Fellow MAN Over A GIRL,

You Can Only Keep A Woman Who Wants To Be Kept”.