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Twitter Trolls Claim Al Horford’s Sister Anna Horford Is The Woman Boston Celtics Coach Ime Udoka Cheated On Nia Long With

Twitter Trolls Claim Al Horford’s Sister Anna Horford Is The Woman Boston Celtics Coach Ime Udoka Cheated On Nia Long With

The Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka is currently on the chopping board following wild allegations that he cheated on his wife Nia Long with a staff member. The question some of we gossip folks asked when the rumor went wild on the internet was, who the hell is this woman Ime cheated with?

The woman Ime Udoka cheated with is still not known to the public—and by now, she’s fasting and praying for the issue to die off quickly so Twitter folks don’t fish her a** out. But trust Twitter to fish her out in the coming days.

In the latest episode of “Ime Udoka Cheating On Nia Long With A Staff Member“, one Twitter troll chased AI Horford’s sister Anna Horford‘s a** with a wild allegation that she’s the woman who Ime Udoka cheated on Nia Long with—and Anna went wild on Twitter—hitting hard at the troll.

Via Total Pro Sports;

Al Horford’s sister is not happy with having her name being slandered with what is going on with Ime Udoka.

The Boston Celtics head coach has been suspended for an entire season for having an intimate relationship with a female staffer within the organization. Fans online began posting the women staffers on the team, until one account decided to troll and state it was Anna Horford.

The troll account said, “Ime Udoka has been suspended after sleeping with Al Horford’s sister.”

Anna Horford had to retweet about Ime Udoka’s suspension for f***ing her and angrily saying;

“I get that this is a troll account, but I’ve been spammed with these messages all day. It’s not funny. I get that you just want clicks, but you’re fucking with real people who have nothing to do with this. It’s really not okay.”

Ime Udoka has been slapped with a suspension for banging his staff member—and Nia Long is obviously heartbroken and probably thinking of leaving Ime’s cheating a**.

Reports of Udoka potentially being suspended for the season over it broke between late Wednesday and early Thursday. Multiple reports later indicated that Udoka was alleged to have had a consensual, intimate relationship with a female staff member and it “was considered to be a violation of the organization’s guidelines.”

Ime Udoka has been with actress Nia Long since 2010 and from how things are turning out, this could be the end of their relationship unless she’s one of the three women left in the United States who don’t give a f*** about their men f***ing other women.

Here is Anna Horford’s clap-back tweet:

And here are some photos of Anna Horford:

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