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TV3 Date Rush: Ali Rests His Head On Shemi Brown’s Huge B*tts In New Video

TV3 Date Rush: Ali Rests His Head On Shemi Brown's Huge B*tts In New Video

If you are a fan of TV3 Date Rush Show and still thinks that the bunch of paraded contestants are there to actually find love and probably get married then you are probably living on Mars or somewhere millions of miles away.

This Show is for clout chasers who wouldn’t be popular even in 100 years to get some 2 seconds fame and probably sell butt and hip enlargement creams on Instagram.

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Now back to Ali and Shemi Brown. Ali had to rest his head on Shemi Brown‘s big b*tts when they appeared to be interviewed by Zionfelix.

From the chit-chat that went on there, it’s obvious that Shemi Brown, Ali and the bunch of contestants are all chasing clouts and some 3 seconds fame.

Watch the video below…