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Young Musician, Tulenkey Sued By Management For Breaching Contract – Where Lies The Seriousness Of His Record Label, Priceless Life Entertainment Limited?

When I saw the headline, “Tulenkey sued by management for breaching contract” running across all the popular entertainment blogs, I ignored thinking that it’s the usual ‘promotional’ article to get him into the news as that has become a norm.

But after reading the articles and reading about the lawsuit itself the question I asked was; where lies the seriousness of Tulenkey’s management, Priceless Life Entertainment Limited headed by one Edwin Elikem Amenyeawu?


According to the lawsuit, a managerial contract was signed between Tulenkey and Priceless Life Entertainment Limited to manage him for a period of 2 years starting from September 27, 2018, and as part of the contract, Priceless Entertainment Limited is entitled to 70% of all earnings from Tulenkey’s shows exceeding US$100.

Now, according to the lawsuit, Tulenkey as at March 23, 2018, had played 12 live shows with 70% of the total amount involved amounting to GHC21,900 to be paid by Tulenkey to Priceless Life Entertainment Limited.


The lawsuit also states that the plaintiffs (Priceless Life Entertainment Limited) are demanding a total amount of GHC30233.75 from Tulenkey as money invested in his craft from September 27 to December 11, 2018.

So Tulenkey, a budding rapper who’s yet to have a hit song and become a star is to pay a colossal amount of GHC30,233.75 to his record label, Priceless Life Entertainment Limited.

But again, where lies the seriousness of Priceless Life Entertainment Limited? Do they mean business or they’re just joking?


Which record label in the world signs an artiste and leaves him or her to handle income he or she is earning from shows and then expected to humbly pay what’s due the record label?

What was their role as Tulenkey’s management? Because from the look of things, it seems it’s rather Tulenkey who bargained for all those 12 live shows he played without the help of his management which is, he may have acted on his own or engaged with another record label for those shows as it’s stated clearly in the lawsuit.

I’m tempted to believe that Priceless Life Entertainment Limited did not perform their responsibilities as a record label or weren’t responsible in their dealings with Tulenkey and with this, even though there’s a breach of contract but if Tulenkey gets a good lawyer, this case is likely to be one of those ‘foolish cases’.


As a record label, you don’t sit down for your artiste to directly receive money from shows he’s billed to perform and then return your percentage to you.

And if Tulenkey acted by himself or engaged with another record label, then it may be that Priceless Life Entertainment Limited themselves never bothered about his welfare.

And finally, how did they know the amount involved in all the 12 live shows he played?



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