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Truck Driver Jobs In Canada With Sponsorship Visa For Africans

Truck Driver Jobs In Canada With Sponsorship Visa For Africans

Canada is on record for having one of the largest land mass sizes in the world with the majority of their means of transportation being done on land.

Truck drivers in Canada mostly cover the long-distance journey to deliver goods and products to people in other cities and nearby countries.


Current stats show a majority of the drivers are now aged and they can’t cover that long-distance journey as they used to at their young age.

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Currently, there are 26,000 empty truck driving vacancies to be filled, and Canadian immigration minister Sean Fraser in collaboration with the truck drivers union planning to roll out an express entry program to welcome people. Today we will look at Truck driver jobs in Canada with a sponsorship visa.


AZ Drivers

One of Canada’s biggest transportation companies is called Cartage which has been around for over a century now. They are admired for their excellent door-to-door services and also distribution of goods to people living far away. Currently, they have been affected by a huge shortage of labor they need more hands on deck, and the offer is very juicy with some off days for the driver. Drivers who apply are taken through a few weeks of training with bonuses if they overwork their time.

Truck driver-Class 1

Operating under the Coca-Cola group in Canada they are currently open for employment, provided you possess a valid driver’s license, have adequate years of experience, and also arrange Coca-Cola products in trucks. Applicants who are not citizens of Canada are provided with sponsorship visas and given a work permit with the choice renewal.

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Haul truck driver

Owned by the Ledcor group of companies they are located inside the city of Alberta with its headquarters in the USA. Drivers hired mostly help the building constructors with the conveying of heavy goods and equipment. They also assist those in the mining fields in the transportation of their heavy-duty machinery. Currently opened for a vacancy, drivers to be employed are fully tested to ensure they have no alcohol traces in their system. Aside from your decent salary, you have also been given free health care should you fall sick.


Driver-2nd Shift

Owned by Tremco Construction Products which are also into the selling of building materials and technological products. Truck drivers have the sole responsibility of transporting goods to customers near and far away, which upon reaching they help with the offloading of it. You also have to keep an accurate record of goods transported in a month as you would be called to give accounts.

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Long-haul truck driver jobs

Owned by the Agri-fresh vegetable company which is located in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, they are one of the biggest suppliers of fresh vegetables and fruits to cities within Canada and neighboring countries. Fruit juice and food processing companies across the globe buy their products in larger quantities. To speed up their work, their truck drivers convey the goods to them, and due to their good customer care service, they are currently in demand all over Europe and America. To speed up productivity they are currently open to employment with sponsorship visas where you get benefits.


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