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Tried And Tested Ways To Get A Free Scholarship To Study In The UK

Tried And Tested Ways To Get A Free Scholarship To Study In The UK

As discussed in my previous article the UK tops the list of countries with the best education system for both foreigners and citizens who seek to educate themselves. The country can boast of some of the best universities such as Oxford, Edinburgh, and Lancaster which do not just stand tall but have notable alumni who have passed through.

Obtaining a certificate from any of their top universities puts you on a higher pedestal than other people from other countries as their certificates are respected in the job market. Despite the juicy privileges derived from their educational system, it doesn’t come at a cheap price for the ordinary man.

They are ranked as countries with one of the world’s most expensive places to study, but their government has laid out some scholarship programs for bright students.

Today we look at the easiest way to get a free scholarship to study in the UK.

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You first do deep research on the internet to find out which universities give scholarships in the UK, fortunately enough some notable faces who completed some of these prestigious universities have a GoFundMe for supporting needy students.

Check whether you are eligible for application as every school and its cut-off grade, some schools accept at least a second class upper while some also prefer a minimum of second lower. Also, make sure you have your academic transcript alongside as UK schools don’t give based on only your certificate.

Have a strong purpose for the study and a recommendation letter, beyond getting the scholarship some universities want to know your reason for choosing that particular course. Your reason must be convincing enough to earn you a spot as millions of people will also be applying to make sure yours stands out. Also the recommendation letter from your former lecturer, over here your former lecturer would pen down strong reasons why you deserve it and also talk about your academic prowess.

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Apply early, as the saying goes the early bird catches the early worm the earlier you do it the better. Late applicants normally don’t stand a chance of getting it to remember it’s a survival of the fittest thing you doing. Also, every course and its deadline are attached to try and do more inquiries to your chosen course before starting.

Have enough funds, although it’s sponsored it is limited to only your tuition and not accommodation and feeding. You should prove you can handle those things on your own.

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