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Travis Scott’s Hospitalized Assault Victim Claims His Security Threatened To Kill Him

Travis Scott's Hospitalized Assault Victim Claims His Security Threatened To Kill Him

While Travis Scott is yet to be arrested by the New York police department, the sound engineer he allegedly assaulted is speaking out from his hospital bed.

The engineer, who has now been identified as Mark, claims Travis didn’t just assault him; his security even threatened to kill him.

According to Mark, he was just trying to get Travis to decrease his sound a bit because the sound was unbearable, and that was when he got agitated and attacked him.

Via VladTV;

The sound engineer who claims that he was punched by Travis Scott in Manhattan’s club Nebula this week is speaking out. 

The man, identified only as “Mark,” told New York’s Fox 5 that his neck is messed up following the incident. Speaking from his hospital bed, Mark stated, “Obviously my neck is f***ed up. My arm is tingling. I have pins and needles going down it.”

Mark then spoke about the incident with Travis, stating, “I was trying to tell him to lower [the music] so it sounded good for the performance but he just stuck his middle finger in my face. So I lowered the monitor a little bit so I could talk to him, and that’s when he ran around the speaker and attacked me.”

Mark added, “His security guard said, ‘Are you f–king crazy? I’m gonna kill you.” Video of the incident shows Scott yelling at the DJ to “back the f*** up” and shoving him out of the way. 

Mark concluded by telling Travis, “They’re people who were trying to sound the best you could. There were fans there trying to take pictures, you’re throwing their phones, you know — these are people who respect you, who want what’s best for you. Maybe you should calm down and listen to what the people who are supporting you are trying to say to you.”

Travis is scheduled to perform at the Rolling Loud festival in Los Angeles this Saturday, and his lawyer, Mitchell Schuster, revealed that they’re working on a time for Travis to turn himself over to NYPD.


Video has been released from what is suspected to be the incident leading to Travis Scott’s alleged assault of a worker at the Nebula nightclub in Midtown Manhattan. Witnesses say Travis went to the sound engineer “yelling aggressively in his face on why he lowered the sound,” and “[t]hen he smacks the soundman right across the face.”

Per Page Six, the altercation “caused a big commotion between Travis’ security and club security,” the source continued. “After that, Travis took the phone from one fan” — who was recording the night’s performance by another rapper, Don Toliver — and allegedly “threw the phone on the floor.”

Original 03/01/2023 10:50am:

Travis Scott is wanted by the NYPD after a sound engineer at a club called Nebula in Midtown Manhattan claims that the “Sicko Mode” rapper punched him in the face during an argument. The engineer also claims that Travis caused $12,000 in damages after punching a video screen and speaker before leaving the club. 

Police were called to the club early on Wednesday (March 1), and they reported that there were no visible injuries on the sound engineer, who they noted also didn’t complain of being in any pain. According to police, the NYPD is looking for him on assault and criminal mischief charges. 

Imagine a father of two losing control of his temper in front of an audience who loves him and attacking a person who is merely attempting to improve his performance. Travis’ violent outbursts during performances are getting out of control; hopefully, he will pay a price for this before more people are killed as a result of his silly behavior.

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