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Travis Scott is Wanted By NYPD For Assault And Property Damage

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Kylie Jenner‘s baby daddy Travis Scott is currently wanted by a New York Police Department after a sound engineer in a Nebula club claimed the rapper assaulted him and further destroyed a video screen and speaker, causing damages worth $412K before exiting the club.

Although the police were not able to collaborate on the sound engineer’s assault and property damage claims, Travis is still wanted for assault and criminal mischief charges. He might serve a few days in prison or be held under house arrest if found guilty.

VladTV Reports;

Travis Scott is wanted by the NYPD after a sound engineer at a club called Nebula in Midtown Manhattan claims that the “Sicko Mode” rapper punched him in the face during an argument. The engineer also claims that Travis caused $12,000 in damages after punching a video screen and speaker before leaving the club. 

Police were called to the club early on Wednesday (March 1), and they reported that there were no visible injuries on the sound engineer, who they noted also didn’t complain of being in any pain. According to police, the NYPD is looking for him on assault and criminal mischief charges. 

As if the relationship scandals are not enough, Travis Scott is resuming his violent acts as well. Travis has a history of causing disorder at functions and even his own shows, this is not the first. Stay tuned to TGS for updates!

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