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Travis Kelce Comments On Winning Against His Elder Brother Jason Kelce In The Super Bowl LVII

Travis Kelce Comments On Winning Against His Elder Brother Jason Kelce In The Super Bowl LVII

Travis Kelce and his big brother Jason Kelce faced each other in the Super Bowl LVII game. With Travis Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs winning against Jason’s Philadelphia Eagles with 38-35 points.

While in an interview, Travis acknowledged his brother’s effort and admitted that although he is happy about their win, it is still weird when he thinks about his brother.

Travis says although he jokes about wanting to win against his brother in big matches, it is not a good feeling because his brother is a great player. According to Travis, all he can say to his brother is that he loves him because he doesn’t know a better thing to say to cheer him up.

Via ET;

Travis Kelce may have won the Super Bowl on Sunday, but he’s still thinking about his older brother. During a post-game press conference, after Travis and the Kansas City Chiefs defeated his brother, Jason Kelce, and the Philadelphia Eagles, the 33-year-old tight end became emotional as he talked about the bittersweet moment. 

“There’s really nothing you can say to a loved one in that situation like that,” Travis told a reporter. “You joke around all the time and say that you want to beat your brother in the biggest stage ever, but it’s it’s a weird feeling.”

He added, “And that team had great leadership, great coaches and obviously it came down to the end and we got all the respect in the world for those Eagles, man. But there’s nothing really that I could say to him other than I love him and he played a hell of a year, a hell of a season.”

Travis’ emotional interview came after he took to Instagram, ahead of the game, to share a post that consisted of throwback pictures and videos of him and his big brother. Travis and Jason, 35, made history as the first brothers to face off against each other during a Super Bowl. 

After the game, in which the Chiefs were victorious, Travis and Jason shared a sweet embrace where they could be seen saying something to each other. In another sweet moment, the boys’ mother, Donna Kelce, was on hand to both celebrate with Travis, and wrap Jason up in a much-needed hug. 

Donna and her husband, Ed Kelce, were in Arizona to celebrate — no matter the outcome. On Sunday, prior to kickoff, Donna took to Instagram to show off her game day fit.

Donna shared a picture of her outfit, which consisted of her split black-and-red Eagles and Chiefs jacket and clear purse with both of her sons’ logos and jersey numbers. 

Completing her look, the proud mom rocked a pair of sneakers that had her sons’ respective teams, numbers and logos on each foot.

On Thursday, Donna spoke to ET about being their for her sons — win or lose — and how she would go about celebrating the moment with each of them.

“I definitely wanna go down and celebrate with the person that’s holding the trophy,” she said. “But I will go back to the teams’ hotels. Both team hotels have post-games and I will go to his post-game and I’ll give him a hug, tell him I love him. There is nothing I can say that will make him feel any better.”

Although Jason will be hurt for losing, I’m sure he will be proud of his brother. Hopefully, this does not bring any silly brother rivalry.

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