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Tracy Dumped Her Boyfriend Of 5 Years After Meeting Despite’s Son, Kennedy, At A Wedding Ceremony

Tracy Dumped Her Boyfriend Of 5 Years After Meeting Despite's Son, Kennedy, At A Wedding Ceremony

A social media user who seems to know more about Tracy, the beautiful wife of Despite’s son, Kennedy Asante Osei, claims she actually dumped her boyfriend of 5 years after meeting and exchanging contact with Kennedy at a wedding ceremony she attended with her boyfriend──and frankly speaking, I support Tracy’s bold decision.

How can you date a woman for 5 years without making any move to take her to the altar and then expects her to stick around you? Remember, women have a biological clock ticking every second.

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You date a beautiful woman for 5 years and expect her to turn down a juicy marriage offer in the name of love? Let me tell you this, the definition of love has changed in this 21st century and if this claim by the social media user is anything to be taken seriously, then Tracy made the right choice by moving on after 5 years of dating.

According to the social media user, Abena Gbagbo, commenting on one Kelly Nii Lartey Mensa’s post concerning Tracy’s lavish wedding to Kennedy, claimed that Tracy quickly dumped her boyfriend after meeting Kennedy at a wedding ceremony.

Abena Gbagbo alleged that; “You attend a wedding in August last year with someone you’ve been dating for 5 years, meet another at the wedding reception and just decides to let go off your relationship? We know oooo, she’s no standard so you people should stop disturbing us”.

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Abena Gbagbo continued that; “There’s a lot of razzmatazz about this marriage. For me I think the whole idea of marriage has been put on a back burner.
People need to be whole as individuals before they come together as a union. You don’t leave a relationship in less than 6 months and get clinched onto another like your whole life depends on it”.

Tracy’s future with Kennedy looks very bright unless one of them decides to be a thorn in the flesh of the other. Congratulations once again!

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