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Tracey Boakye Allegedly Slept With Dr Kwaku Oteng And Got Pregnant For Him After Akua GMB Introduced Her To Him As Her Friend

Akua GMB React Following Rumours That Her Ex-husband, Dr Kwaku Oteng, Fathered Tracey Boakye's Daughter

Social media land guard, Adu Safowaah, has dropped juicy info about how Tracey Boakye ended up sleeping with Dr Kwaku Oteng and getting pregnant for him after Akua GMB introduced her to him as her friend.

Before the introduction, Akua GMB had said a lot of nice things about her ex-husband, Dr Kwaku Oteng to Tracey Boakye so obviously Tracey knew what she was coming in for.

This is a huge betrayal if there is an iota of truth in Adu Safowaah’s allegations. According to Safowaah, Tracey Boakye got pregnant for the second time for Dr Kwaku Oteng but sadly, the child died.

Adu Safowaah is alleging that Dr Kwaku Oteng is the father of Tracey Boakye’s daughter, Nana Akua Nhyira. Check the screenshot below…