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Top Worst Dressed Celebrities At The 2023 Grammys: Black Chyna Failed At Recreating Maleficent’s Costume

Top Worst Dresses At The Grammys: Black Chyna Failed At Recreating Maleficent's Costume

The 2023 Grammy Awards was spectacular over the weekend, with massive performances to superb dressing. However, the show wouldn’t have been a success without some silly outfits by celebrities who failed while trying to look unique.

Media Take Out has piled up a list of terribly dressed celebrities: from Harry Styles‘s glittering swimsuit-like attire, Pharell Williams‘s weird-looking leather top and down, completely covered Lizzo looking like Snuffaluogus Sesame Street, Blac Chynas terrible maleficent-like costume, DJ Spinderella kid-like attire to Lil Uni’s odd look. It was a great night indeed.

Last night was the Grammy’s and it was one of the best award shows in recent memory. But while the show was great … there was a lot of craziness on the red carpet.

And while there were a lot of terribly dressed people – a few stood out.

What are your top pick hideous dresses for this year’s Grammy Awards? Let us know!

Blac Chyna’s is the worst for me because she tried to recreate Angelina Jolie‘s Maleficent look and messed it up really badly. No one f*** with Maleficent’s costumes!

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