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Tony Yayo Claims 50 Cent Treats His Artists Better Than Jay-Z

Tony Yayo Claims 50 Cent Treats His Artists Better Than Jay-Z

Well, while almost all black men were rooting for Tory Lanez before his dramatic loss over the weekend. Black men have found a person to blame for the verdict and it is no other than billionaire rapper, Jay-Z and that has started numerous discussions.

Tony Yayo in an interview talked about who is the better artist manager, between 50 Cent and Jay-Z. Yayo says he will pick 50 over Jay-Z without a second thought. Yayo says Jay-Z does not give his artists the kind of exposure 50 gives his artists.

Via Media Take Out;

G-Unit artist Tony Yayo says 50 Cent treats his artists way better than Jay-Z treats his artists at Roc-A-Fella Records.

“That’s why I respect him because we have more of an assist,” Yayo said of 50 Cent allowing his artists to still tour overseas and make money. “We have 50 Cent so I knew I was okay. He sold 11 million records I’m gonna get a percentage of his fans. I’m good. He had the kind of more do it on his own. He had deals with JAY-Z and them but JAY-Z ain’t gonna never… I always tell them all the time JAY-Z ain’t treating you like this n-gga.”

Yayo also made it clear that he is not saying that Jay-Z does not show love to his artists too, but that he thinks 50 helped Uncle Murda’s career more than Jay ever did.

Uncle Murda signed Roc-A-Fella Records/Def Jam Records in 2007.

“I’m just telling you how we get treated,” Yayo said. “I’m quite sure Hov and a lot of artists they treat some of their artists maybe good, maybe not. I’m just telling you how we get treated. I don’t know [if] JAY-Z ever had him in the Armani Hotel.”

Hello young arts, according to Yayo, pick 50 over Jay-Z anytime both opportunities present themselves. Jay-Z will face several of these attacks until Tory Lanez’s appeal take off. According to black folks, he is SUS and that may be the reason Tory is convicted.

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