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Tommie Lee High On Drugs While Boxing Natalie Nunn

Tommie Lee High On Drugs While Boxing Match Natalie Nunn

Tommie Lee pulled out a knife to stab Natalie Nun at a London event last week and instead of getting the b-tch arrested, Zeus network organized a boxing match between the two enemies over the weekend. While Tommy did not send a knife to the ring this time, she appeared to be high on drugs.

Tommie was not stable so Natalie was able to whoop her a** for a while before the drama queen fell to the ground to avoid more blows to the face.

Natalie and Tommie’s beef started at one of Chris Brown‘s concerts when Tommie was prevented from meeting Natalie and Chris’s 3-year-old kid. Tommie became bitter and trash-talked the toddler on Instagram and further attempted to stab Natalia at the event.

Media Take Out Reports;

Last night was a very interesting celebrity boxing match, hosted by the new Black owned network Zeus. The match posted reality star enemies Tommie Lee (from Love & Hip Hop) against Natalie Nunn (from Bad Girls Club).

The two ladies had some bad blood, and got into a physical fight during the lead up to the celebrity match. And during the fight, Tommie pulled a weapon:

Well last night, the fight took place, in London England – at it was bizarre.

First off, Tommie appeared to be in an altered mental state. Before the fight, Media Take Out noticed that Tommie was jumping around the ring – as if she was high on some type of narcotic.

And second, Tommie did not wear traditional boxing attire. Media Take Out learned that the reality star showed up to the fight wearing a bra and some shorts.

Then during the fight, Tommie would frequently turn her back and walk away, after taking a few blows to the face.

After the first round, Tommie went back to her corner, looking discombobulated. And before the bell for the second round rang, Tommie fell down onto the canvas, without being hit – and acted like she was knocked out.

Tommie Lee pulled a knife to stab Natalie Nunn during a classy event, and all she gets is a boxing match that in turn gets her some money. Interesting, let’s all pamper her till she finally kills someone.

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