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Tim Anderson’s Alleged Sidepiece Dejah Lanee Claims She’s Pregnant For Him

One woman named Dejah Lanee is on Instagram claiming that she’s Tim Anderson’s sidepiece and that she’s pregnant for him. This is a blow to his wife Bria Anderson and I hope this isn’t true but hey, never trust these married sportsmen because it appears cheating is in their DNA.

Via Total Pro Sports;

The married Chicago White Sox star got blasted by his alleged sidechick on Instagram and it appears she is claiming she’s pregnant with his child.

Tim Anderson and his wife, Bria Anderson, have been married since 2017 and have two daughters together.

The All-Star and former batting champion is hitting .356/.393/.503 with five homers, nine doubles, 19 RBI and eight stolen bases in 40 games this season.

Here is a screenshot and video showing Dejah Lanee is heavily pregnant:

Here are some photos of Tim Anderson’s alleged pregnant sidepiece Dejah Lanee:

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