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TikTok Influencer, Ava Louise, Claims Kanye West Had A S-xual Relationship With The Late Virgil Abloh

TikTok Influencer, Ava Louise, Claims Kanye West Had A S-xual Relationship With The Late Virgil Abloh

Tends out Kanye West is not the only person that can make wild allegations about people. A TikTok influencer Ava Louise in a recent interview disclosed that Ye and late American fashion designer Virgil Abloh had a more s-xual relationship than the casual one they presented to the public.

Kanye West and the late Abloh had an enviable bond well known to the public. Although they made many public appearances they never shared an intimate moment at least in public. But Louise says, she is confident Ye is bis-xual and Abloh was his partner. According to her, the information is from a fellow fashion icon and hence is reliable. Abloh served as Ye’s creative director for years before his fame.

Looking at Kanye West and how he accuses people of stuff with little or no evidence, it is difficult to predict how he will react to Louise practically calling him bis-xual. The internet as always is going crazy over Louise’s accusations.

Via Media Take Out:

A popular fashion blogger on TikTok is making some pretty explosive claims, about the nature of the relationship between Virgil Abloh and Kanye West. The blogger is claiming that Kanye and Virgil were down low lovers, Media Take Out has learned.

We have not been able to independently verify the blogger’s claims, but that hasn’t stopped Twitter from running WILD with the allegations made on the popular podcast Hollywood Fix.

Ava Louise, a Tiktoker who became internet-famous in 2020, after the college stu

The TikToker did not specify when she believes the two men were intimate. But she believes that their intimacy was the source of friction in the pair’s business working relationship.

Virgil started his fashion career working with Kanye. The two eventually separated, after Ye fired Virgil. And Abloh went on to become one of the most renowned fashion designers in the world.

Abloh died last year, after a long battle with cancer.

dent licked a toilet seat as part of an ill-conceived viral challenge. Around the same time, an old song she recorded went viral on TikTok, further catapulting Louise to influencer status.

Over the past 2 years, Media Take Out confirmed that Ava has managed to twist her TikTok fame into becoming a pretty respected fashion industry blogger.

Yesterday she gave an interview, and she dropped some explosive claims. According to her, one of her friends in the fashion industry is claiming that Kanye and Virgil were more than just friends.

It appears Ye would be dragging Louise’s a** either on his new social media platform Parler or to court soon and we can’t wait!

Here is Ava Louise letting the world know YE exchanged fluids with the late Virgil Abloh:

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