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Tia Mowry Says She Divorced Her Ex-Husband Cory Hardrict And Left Her 2 Kids So She Can Live Her ‘Authentic Life’

Tia Mowry Claims She Loves Cory Hardrict Despite Setting For A New Chapter After Split

Tia Mowry is the latest advocate for ‘do whatever you want no matter the outcome. And she led by example by sabotaging her 12 years of marriage and kids for some sh-tty authentic life. Apparently, she’s been faking it all this while, and we have yet to see the authentic Tia, in otherwise the heartless or cruel Tia.

Tia Mowry is up to something and it is disgusting. Tia at the beginning of October declared her divorce plans on social media stating no reason for her decision. Her fans used the platform to trash her ex-husband Cory Hardrict suggesting he either cheated or was involved in some sh-t to make Tia leave him and the family.

Well, it tends out that Hardrict did absolutely nothing wrong. Rather, Tia in a recent interview claims, she still loves her ex-husband but she left her family so that she can live her AUTHENTIC LIFE. As to what that even means, I have no idea but a 44-year-old woman breaking her home for some sh-t like this is devastating.

I’m not concerned about any crap Tia is up to, be it lesbianism or whatever. My concern is the abuse and ridicule she exposed her ex-husband to and has never felt the need to apologize. If you are ready to f*** up your family at least have the courage to own it.

Media Take Out Reports;

Actress Tia Mowry is finally opening up as to why she decided to end her 12 year marriage to actor Cory Hardrict – and her explanation has many of her fans puzzled, Media Take Out has learned.

In a recent interview, Tia explained her thought process – on why she wanted to end her marriage.

“It was not easy. I usually tell people in my close circle, ‘This is not for the weak.’ It’s very hard,” Mowry, 44, told Us Weekly,. “I feel like when you continue to work on you and work on yourself and work on loving yourself and valuing yourself and having self-worth, the decision becomes easier.”

The Sister, Sister alum continued: “Once you are in tune with yourself, it makes it easier to make that decision. But it doesn’t mean that it’s not hard. It was very difficult because you have to think about so many things.”

Despite the emotional ups and downs she’s faced following her split, Mowry told Us that she would “encourage” people to “chase the joy chase, chase your happiness, no matter what situation you’re going through.”

She added, “Everybody deserves to live their authentic life. And I encourage people to do that no matter what anybody else is saying on the outside and really tap into yourself and tap into what really makes you happy and go for it.”

So she broke up her family in order to live an “authentic life?” There has to be more to this story ….

I guess we will have to wait for whatever sh-t Tia has in stock for her ‘authentic life’. Whatever that is, do you think it is worth leaving her family for?

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