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This Is What It Means When A Lady Puts Bracelet On Her Ankle

This Is What It Means When A Lady Puts Bracelet On Her Ankle

Perhaps you’ve been wondering over what it means when ladies put bracelets on their ankle, right? Well, here is what it means when you see a lady with a bracelet on her ankle.

What does it mean when a woman put on a chain/necklace on her legs?

CBGist explains that;

In most cases, you have met women who wear chain and necklaces on their legs, some wear on one leg and others wear on both leg and the stunning thought would be what is the meaning of this thing?

According to a woman, she said that it is fashion that those people who wear it are following trends, this is because they see some celebrities who wear this on their legs so the believed it is a trend for them to wear it also but some are actually wearing it ignorantly not know what it symbolises, this trend was first discovered in India where their women put on this one their legs.

Here in Africa, when any lady put on a chain on the leg then it represents the act of prostitution and that is why when any man sees a woman wearing this they just conclude that she is a prostitute

But according to Wikipedia, whenever a woman wears a necklace on her leg, she is married but in some cases, it means she is married but she is also available for other men to take out with the approval and encouragement of the husband.

Now you know what it means when you see a woman wearing a chain/necklace on her legs.