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Things To Do In West Hollywood

West Hollywood can also be labeled as a tourist attraction where travelers and people seeking to spend holidays with their loved ones go to have fun and explore.

It features a lot of entertainment facilities such as a music center, comedy theatre and a big bar where all kinds of drinks are served.

Today I will run you through the dos of the visitors there.

Tour inside the comedy store

Probably one of the oldest structures in west Hollywood, it has and is still an arena for stand-up comedy shows. Visitors get the chance to experience the presence of their favorite comedians

Have a glimpse of the Schindler house

A structure designed by Australian architect Rudolf Schindler to accommodate his family. It usually uses to host fashion shows and workshops.

Attend a concert at Troubadour

A place the legendary Elton John had his first onstage performance. It still hosts notable big names during grand occasions.

Take a nap on the secret rooftop at the RH

Designed by architect James Gillam, it serves as a resting place for travelers and also gives them a clear aerial view of the surroundings in West Hollywood.

Read your favorite novel at the book soup

With over 60,000 books on its shelves, one has the chance to read any type of book he or she wants be it love novels or story-line novels.

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