They’re Offered $2,000 But Return Home With Ghc500 After ‘Servicing’ Old Men – Victoria Lebene And Efia Odo Exposed

Efia Odo Reveals How Married Victoria Lebene Asked Her To Sleep With One Of Her Sugar Daddies For $2,000
Victoria Lebene & Efia Odo

According to Efia Odo, while launching attacks on Victoria Lebene, she once tried to convince her to sleep with one of her sugar daddies for $2,000 but she declined because she doesn’t sell her vag*na. She gifts it out for free to whoever deserves it.


Efia Odo in her back and forth with fans of Victoria Lebene on Twitter claimed that ‘big men’ are offering $5,000 to $10,000 to sleep with her but she keeps rejecting these juicy offers based on her personal principle.

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And here is how Efia Odo and Victoria Lebene get exposed for lying! According to the Instagram gossip page, ThoseCalledCelebs, these celebrities are offered big cash by rich married men but sadly return home with peanuts, Ghc500 or even less.


In this case, Efia Odo would have been paid just Ghc500 or less if she had accepted Victoria Lebene’s $2,000 offer. Also, all these men offering Odo $5,000 to $10,000 to sleep with her are just deceiving her because, at the end of it, they will just hand her Ghc500 to go home.

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These ashawobirities are suffering in the line of business. Check the screen-grab below…