The Rich Educated Men Who Sneak To Sleep With Tracey Boakye Should Educate Her A Bit Because She’s Dumb, Clueless, And Uncivilized

The 'Big Educated Men' Who Sleep With Tracey Boakye Should Educate Her A Bit Because She's Dumb, Clueless, And Uncivilized
Tracey Boakye aka borla bird

Sometimes it’s tiring writing about these famewhores and people we refer to as celebrities who cannot even differentiate between mockery and hatred. Hello, who am I talking about here? It’s Tracey Boakye and her cronies such as Afia Schwarzenegger and grandma Diamond Appiah who claims to be 34 years old. That’s a shame.


Back on the issue, I’m entreating these rich educated men of repute who sneak and sleep with Tracey Boakye to educate her a bit on a few things because it’s so clear that their s*x doll is dumb, clueless, uncivilized, and classless.

I saw a video of Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay subtly referring to Tracey Boakye as ‘Borla bird’—and I laughed after watching the video because you know why? It was a funny and mockery video that has got nothing to do with hatred.

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Then I saw another screenshotted post of Tracey Boakye ignorantly claiming that Delay hates her because she turned down her interview request. What’s the hatred in Delay’s mockery video or the hatred in Delay referring to her as Borla bird? Borla bird cannot differentiate between mockery and hatred—I’m not surprised one bit because ignorance is actually in the blood of the majority of the people we refer to as celebrities in Ghana.

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I don’t know Delay but I doubt she hates someone like Tracey Boakye. Hating her for what exactly? Hating her for her classless outfits and looks or what exactly? I’m confused here.