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The Real Housewives Of Potomac Drama Couple: Juan And Robyn Dixon Remarries And Alleged Side Chick Is Out Causing More Drama

The Real Housewives Of Potomac Drama Couple: Juan And Robyn Dixon Remarries And Alleged Side Chick Is Out Causing More Drama

The Real Housewives Of Potomac drama couple Robyn and Juan got married in 2010 and divorced two years after due to infidelity issues. Though divorced, they kept co-existing and co-parenting.

In December 2019, the pair rekindled their drama romance with a proposal. Juan and Robyn remarried again and before their second marriage gets blessed by the priest, a TikToker is already out there calling Juan out for cheating.

The unknown alleged side chick sent her grievances to a popular TikToker named Georgio Says, claiming that she has had a year-long affair with then-engaged NBA player Juan who kept pestering her even after she broke things off. The unknown woman (Jane Doe) claims Robyn was aware of the relationship and her only concern was that she kept it a secret.

Jane Doe added the only reason she broke things off with Juan was that he tried pimping her to his friends, and that made her uncomfortable. So, they did not quit because Juan wanted to concentrate on his fiance, interesting!

Via Media Take Out;

The new season of the Real Housewives Of Potomac is ending this weekend, and Media Take Out has some pretty crazy tea, about two of the most popular cast members, Juan and Robin Dixon.

Juan and Robyn were married, then divorced – but continued to live together post-divorce, and eventually rekindled their relationship. In the show’s season finale – which airs Sunday – viewers will learn that Juan and Robyn GOT MARRIED, in a small ceremony with a few close family and friends.

The wedding, Media Take Out confirmed, took place early last fall. Seems like a pretty happy ending right …. well, there’s some drama in the background.

Media Take Out learned that a popular TikTok blogger just spilled the tea on Juan and Robyn’s relationship. According to the Tiktoker, Juan had been carrying on an alleged affair with a woman, and the blogger claimed to have receipts.

The TikTok blogger Georgio Says had some pretty explosive allegations against Juan, and a few receipts too.

Georgio Says claims to have spoken with one of Juan’s side pieces who allegedly shared hotel receipts. The receipts, which Media Take Out examined and appear to be authentic, show that a man named “Juan Dixon” purchased a hotel room in the Maryland area – and blurs personal info. The woman allegedly told the blogger that she and Juan were hunkering down during covid and stopped seeing each other sometime in 2021.

According to the Real Housewives of Potomac, Juan and Robyn were together and engaged during that time period.

The woman also told the blogger, Media Take Out is hearing, that Robyn knew they were seeing each other and Robyn was fine with it – but the reality star did ask the woman not to tell anyone.

Now for the CRAZY part. The woman is claiming that the only reason they stopped sleeping together was because Juan allegedly asked her to “service” his friend. She alleges that Juan’s friend came to her hotel when she was leaving and exposed himself and asked her to service him.

Despite her ghosting Juan, the engaged Real Housewives of Potomac “husband” still allegedly tried to reach out in January 2022 but she never responded. She was going to contact Bravo RhOP producers but decided not to.

Even worse than their first marriage, the reconciliation is starting on a rocky path. Two years is too long to expect a second divorce from these folks. Marriage is not for everyone indeed.

The DRAMA isn’t ending anytime soon:

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