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The QUEEN Has A Secret Facebook Account And An ‘Unhackable’ Samsung Smartphone

The QUEEN Has A Secret Facebook Account And An Unhackable Samsung Smartphone

The 95-year-old woman who lives in England and is reportedly the only human on earth who can travel to any part of the world without a visa, Queen Elizabeth II, aka The Queen, has a secret Facebook account and a Samsung smartphone that’s unhackable. For we peasants, our smartphones can easily be hacked by some idiots sitting behind their computers and doing some hacking experiments.

But not The QUEEN, because according to Daily Star, The Queen’s Samsung smartphone is heavily encrypted and packed to the teeth with MI6-level security features, making it all but unhackable. And with this smartphone, The Queen uses it to communicate with members of The Royal family.

Also, the two people The Queen mostly speaks to using this unhackable smartphone are her daughter Princess Anne and then her racing manager, John Warren, who is in charge of hundreds of the Queen’s horses.

John Warren must be some lucky dude because it’s reported that he is the only human on earth whose calls can get through to The Queen straight away anywhere in the world.

Via Daily Star:

“She also uses her smartphone to read the day’s news, while she has been known to use the iPad for Twitter. The Queen sent her first tweet at the opening of a Science Museum exhibit back in 2014.

From the Royal Family Twitter account, she wrote: “It is a pleasure to open the Information Age exhibition today at the [Science Museum] and I hope people will enjoy visiting. Elizabeth R.”

In 2016, she sent her second and third tweets ever. “I am most grateful for the many digital messages of goodwill I have received and would like to thank you all for your kindness. Elizabeth R.”

This was shortly followed by confirmation that the monarch definitely posted the message. “This tweet was personally sent by Her Majesty The Queen”.

Insiders close to the Palace also claim that the Queen has a hidden Facebook account under a pseudonym, but the number of Facebook friends she has remains a closely-guarded secret.

The Queen is probably not some old granny who worries her grandkids about checking her Facebook and Twitter pages for her, she does every sh*t all by herself thanks to her unhackable Samsung smartphone.