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The ‘Kardashian Curse’ Grabs Pete Davidson As He Causes Havoc On TV Set And Destroys Properties After Kim Kardashian Refused To Get Back With Him

Kim Kardashian And Her Ex-boyfriend, Pete Davidson, Had Sex In Front Of By Fireplace To Honor Her Grandma, MJ

What is happening to Kim Kardashian’s exes?

Pete Davidson on the set of Bupkis allegedly went into a mental episode, threw candles around, broke a truck’s windshield, threw coffee on walls, and damaged a TV and other properties.

The incident was damaging to the point that although no one was hurt, the actor has been laid off for the time being. And we are wondering if Kim Kardashian‘s ideal partner is a man with a mental disorder. Or she goes in for mentally sound men and turns them psychotic.

One of these theories is true, looking at how Kanye West turned out. To further confirm my second theory, rumor has it that, Pete’s mental breakdown followed shortly after all chances of getting back together with Kim Kardashian failed.

Pete’s alleged violent meltdown happened on the set of an upcoming TV show, titled ‘Bupkis’. The production crew had no choice but to let him go to keep their properties safe.

This incident happened just days after Pete Davidson mocked Kanye West for losing numerous brand deals. Presently, the 28-year-old has been given some time off to get his sh-t together before appearing on the set again.

Is Pete Davidson on the verge of losing it all just like Ye?

The Sun reports;

PETE Davidson has allegedly suffered a meltdown on a major TV production set, throwing items and damaging things, The U.S. Sun can exclusively reveal.

A source added that since the alleged startling incident, the former Saturday Night Live star has been given time off to “focus on himself.”

The U.S. Sun has exclusively learned that Pete, 28, ran into some trouble on the set of Bupkis, a TV show he’s currently filming.

A source close to production claimed that “Pete had a meltdown” on the set Thursday evening.

“Pete threw two candles through his trailer and damaged a second truck’s windshield,” the insider revealed.

“He also threw coffee on the walls and folded a TV in half inside his trailer.”

The source added: “Apparently, Pete’s been given some time off to get his s**t together and focus on himself.”

The star was not on set filming on Friday following the reported blowout, according to the insider.

It also remains unclear what exactly set off Pete’s alleged on-set outburst.

Law enforcement in Long Island City, New York, where the show is currently in production, told The U.S. Sun that a police report had not yet been filed over the alleged incident.

It is unclear when Pete Davidson will get his mental health together and reappear on set to play his role. But considering the fact that production is continuing without him. He is in some deep sh-t!

Here is Kim Kardashian on some Halloween sh-t despite Pete Davidson’s alleged emotional breakdown:

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