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The Hypocrisy and Bitterness of Prophet Kofi Oduro Exposed – Realest Blogger

The Hypocrisy and Bitterness of Prophet Kofi Oduro Exposed – Realest Blogger

In Ghana, all fingers point to Rev Obofour, Bishop Obinim, Prophet 1, Prophet Badu Kobi, Eagle Prophet, Prophet Nigel Gaisie and Co. when reminiscing fake pastors and prophets Ghana, but the reality is entirely different.

In reality, over 80% of English-speaking pastors in Ghana are more scrupulous and crooks than Obofour and Obinim – critically acclaimed ­­­fake prophets – combined. I will leave that discussion for another day.

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Back to the subject matter, there’s this viral footage that captures Prophet Kofi Oduro, Head Pastor of Alabaster International Ministries, saying that COVID-19 has exposed all Ghanaian prophets who sell stickers, oils and handkerchief as fake!

Now, it’s no doubt that stickers, calendars, anointing oil, etc. have failed to combat the deadly coronavirus. Therefore, one won’t be far from right to postulate that pastors who make use of the above-mentioned miracle items are fake.

Nonetheless, let’s apply some logic here. If those pastors who make use of oils and stickers have failed us especially their members in these difficult times, what about the pastors who Ghanaians think they’re genuine because they don’t sell miracle items in their church especially Prophet Kofi Oduro?

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Has Prophet Kofi Oduro been able to heal a single COVID-19 patient since he’s genuine largely due to the fact that he shuns the use of stickers, calendars, anointing oil, etc. in his church?

Prophet Kofi Oduro’s statement would have been sound and logically valid if he had said that no mortal including the Bible can heal the world as we speak apart from the Ultimate Reality – God

This is because both the fake and the genuine make use of the Bible in the church not excluding Alabaster International Ministries. Again, and from all indications, no pastor [both fake and genuine] not excluding the Whites invented Bible can heal the world, only the creator, God Almighty can save mankind from COVID-19.

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