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The Grayman Showtimes

The Gray Man showtimes is a Crime check related released in 2022 that talks about a crime investigator who uncovers crimes in a country with his identity unknown. His former colleague then joins a team of assassins to track him down.

This article will focus solely on The Gray Man showtimes and its release:


Crime investigator Fitzroy saves the life of prisoner Sierra Six who killed his abusive father in the process of defending himself. He then secures a job for him in the Crime investigation program to work as a killer.

He is then sent on a mission to eliminate a spy suspected of leaking confidential information to the security service. He succeeds in killing him with the spy giving him a disk with all the information of Crime investigative head Denny Carmichael and his corrupt dealings. He approaches Denny with the disk who also portrays a tricky attitude and orders his men to kick him out of the camp.

Sensing danger looming ahead, Denny hires men to kill Sierra Six and seize the drive but all attempts proved futile with Six rather eliminating them. Denny orders his subordinate Hansen to track down Six, he obeys and places him on a wanted list and anyone who finds him gets a reward.

Six then seeks refuge from Cahill Fitzroy’s house, where he reveals the plans to Denny, to everyone, and makes them get access to information on the disk. Hansen’s men are able to track down Six and arrest him from Cahill’s house although he escapes in the beginning but was later caught.

Six escapes again with the assistance of Miranda after an attempt to shoot him, they then go to rescue Fritzoy and Cahill from the captive of Hansen. Six manages to kill Hansen with the assistance of Brewer and escapes with Claire.

The Grayman showtimes Cast

  • Ryan Gosling as Six
  • Chris Evans as Hansen
  • Ana de Armas as Miranda
  • Jessica Henwick as Brewer
  • Rege-Jean page as Carmichael
  • Billy bob Thornton as Fitzroy
  • Julia Butters as Claire

The Grayman showtimes release

The movie was first shown by Netflix which had millions of people watching before it was later taken to the cinemas.

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