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The Game Defends His Daughter’s Steamy Outfit For Diddy’s Daughter’s Birthday

The Game Defends Her Daughter's Steamy Outfit For Diddy's Daughter's Birthday

“Thanks for your opinions but we got this!” These are the words of the rapper to netizens who think his 12-year-old daughter’s outfit to Diddy’s twins’ 16th birthday was too revealing. According to The Game, he and his baby’s mother Tiffney are strict enough to train their daughter Cali.

The rapper continued that he and Tiffney spent an hour deliberating on whether the dress was appropriate for their daughter or not.

If you have to take an hour to decide whether a dress is suitable for an occasion, maybe the dress is just not good! The Game came under fire after he posted images of her daughter’s skimpy dress to the birthday party and asked that her followers follow her minor’s Instagram account.

Netizens claimed the dress was too revealing for the kid so advised that The Game treat the kid like a minor and not an adult.

The Game defended her claiming that Cali normally dresses as a toyboy so when she chose that dress for the futuristic birthday-themed party, he and Cali’s mother after an hour-long deliberation deemed it fit that she wears it.

Via Media Take Out;

The Game took to social media to defend a dress his 12-year-old daughter wore to the 16th birthday party of Diddy’s daughters.

“Somebody please tell the LORD to help…. She was just 2 years old like a week ago…. Now my baby is 12 years old, growing up & it won’t stop,” he wrote while telling everyone to follow Cali’s new Instagram page. She was dressed in a revealing silver dress and makeup.

“DISCLAIMER: before the internet get to INTERNET’n, me & her mother both agreed to let her do her make up for the young & beautiful @the_combs_twins sweet 16 birthday party].”

But the rapper’s comments were flooded with people who believed her dress was too grown for such a young child.

The Game headed to The Shade Room to defend his daughter’s dress.

“I’m gonna say this once so people who aren’t her parents get it,” his comment began. “My daughter is 12 & both of her parents are more than strict. Tiffney is a school teacher with a masters degree & 2 other degrees who is an amazing parent & is very capable of raising our daughter to be great even if I wasn’t in the picture… but I am in the picture so…”

“Tiffney called me & asked me would it be okay for my daughter to wear the dress in the photo to the twins party… after talking to her thoroughly for over an hour about it, I agreed to let my daughter rock.. being that she wears a school uniform 5 days a week. My daughter has grown tremendously over the last year & is now almost 5’9 in height & beautiful. She’s a straight A student & is shy in most cases & dresses like a Tom boy in baggy jeans and Dr. Martin boots damn near everyday.”

He continued, “The twins had a futuristic bday theme & my baby wanted to look great & be in full confidence going to support her friends celebration. I am her father & her protector and she is & will always be an amazing young woman. I wish everyone happy holidays & thanks for your opinions on a child that belongs to US but we GOT THIS.”

So, thank you social media aunties and uncles but your parenting skills are not accepted at The Game’s kids.

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