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The Fear Of Witchcraft Scaring Ghanaian Celebrities From Announcing Their Pregnancies On Instagram Before Childbirth

The Fear Of Witcraft Scaring Ghanaian Celebrities From Announcing Their Pregnancies Before Childbirth

Again, the belief that there are witches, people with evil eyes all over social media scared Christian celebrity couple, Joe Mettle and his wife, from throwing the baby bump photo out there before childbirth.

Elsewhere, celebrities announce their pregnancies and throw baby bump photos out there a few days or weeks after knowing they’re expecting. Kylie Jenner is pregnant and not yet due—but she has already announced the good news with baby bump photos on Instagram.

When Nicki Minaj was also pregnant, she announced it on Instagram with baby bump photos in December 2020 before delivering her baby.

But that is not what happens in our part of the world because of the fear of witchcraft—the fear that a witch would eat someone’s baby in the womb when the pregnancy is announced before childbirth is what scares Ghanaian celebrities, even the ones who claim to be staunch Christians, from announcing their pregnancies before childbirth.

When a Ghanaian celebrity is pregnant and a blog doesn’t get the scoop, there’s no way the public and their fans will know. Even if a blog gets the juicy scoop, the celebrity in question will come out boldly, swear heaven and earth and deny it—as it happened in the case of Yvonne Nelson.

The below baby bump photo was posted by Joe Mettle’s wife—and she probably went for this photoshoot in her 6th month and hid it for months until childbirth before getting the balls to announce it on Instagram.

Joe Mettle’s wife

I’m sure by now, a certain Ghanaian celebrity is also pregnant and keeping her baby bump photos on her smartphone and waiting to give birth before splashing them on Instagram with clumsy captions.

Who will be the first Ghanaian celebrity to boldly announce her pregnancy with baby bump photos on Instagram before putting to birth?