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The Crescent West Hollywood

The Crescent at West Hollywood is one of the biggest and nicest edifices to come across, it’s a chain of apartments used for short-term lease and also hosting travelers.

It features countless rooms with entertainment centers for easing boredom among people. It also has a large pool where people can go and cool off and also have pool parties.


It also has a well-equipped gym center purposely for people who desire to exercise on a regular and has expert trainers to guide you. Not forgetting their grand restaurant and barbecue lounge where all kinds of assorted dishes are served.

The restaurant has very hygienic and disciplined chefs and caterers who attend to the needs of people and also serve sumptuous meals.


Their pub can’t be forgotten as it has all the assorted drinks and beverages for travelers. Travelers who wish to spend some time there can speak with the staff and book an appointment with that desired room would be booked for you.

Rooms at crescent West Hollywood

Each room there comes with it cost normally ranging between $3,250 for the two-bedroom and $3,707 for the single-bedroom. A night spent there is worth the money as every room comes with its toilet and bath with a high-density bed and well-positioned air-conditioner.

Gym center at crescent West Hollywood

The fitness center contains quality fitness equipment and has well-experienced gym instructors who will guide you on how to use the gym machines. There is a scheduled time to spend there every day.


Laundry services at crescent West Hollywood

It has an excellent laundry team who on a regular come for used clothes and bedsheets to wash and also iron them.


It features a huge car park where those who come with their cars can park with 24-hour surveillance by the security services so no one can steal them.

Movie theatre

It also has a huge movie theatre for showing current movies and sometimes gets some Hollywood stars passing through.


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