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Teen Actress Storm Reid Dumps Her NFL Star Boyfriend Shedeurs Sanders For Sliding Into DMs Of Instagram Model

Teen Actress Storm Reid Part Ways With Her NFL Star Boyfriend Shedeurs Sanders

19-year-old actress Storm Reid may be having a great acting career, but her love life is in shambles. Storm and her 21-year-old NFL player boyfriend Shedeurs Sanders just like all celebrities relationships have unfollowed each other on Instagram, bringing an end to their highly publicized romance.

Storm and her boyfriend Shedeurs have been very vocal about their relationship with constant social media updates and live interview mentions. While the “Missing” actress is head over heels for Shedeurs, he was out there being sneaky with TikTok stars and Instagram models.

Upon coming across r-cy texts between Shedeurs and several TikTok and Instagram models, Storm is done with their highly publicized romance.

Via Media Take Out;

Storm Reid is one of the hottest young actresses in Hollywood. And she was recently in a pretty high profile relationship with Shedeurs Sanders, a college football star who is also the son of NFL legend Deion Sanders.

The two stepped out on the red carpet in January, Media Take Out reported – and quickly became the hottest young couple in the world.

Well since then, Storm – who lives in Atlanta but attends USC in California – had been spending a ton of time with her bae Shedeurs, who went to school in Jackson, Mississippi.

We’re told that Storm would fly across country from Los Angeles (where she was in college) almost every weekend, to watch Shedeurs play football in Mississippi. And Storm was close with Shedeurs’ family too, including his father Deion.

Well, unfortunately the good looking young couple decided to split. According to multiple social media sources, the two split after Storm allegedly caught Shedeurs sliding into the DMs of dozens of other Instagram models.

Media Take Out confirmed that as of today, each is no longer following the other, either on Instagram or TikTok.

We also confirmed that there are at least a dozen women on Tik Tok, with alleged cheating stories with Shedeurs.

Storm is currently experiencing her first public breakup, and considering how involved she was with the Sanders, I hope it doesn’t take a toll on her and send her to a lifetime of depression.

Here are all the lovey-davey stuff Storm Reid and Shedeurs Sanders engaged in:

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