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Takeoff’s Murder: Body Ready To Be Transported To Family With One Person Of Interest In Custody

Aftermath Of Takeoff's Killing: Conspiracy Theories Suggest A Music Video Posted Hinted Takeoff's Murder

Medical examiners have provided results on the death of 28-year-old rapper Takeoff. The cause of death has been confirmed as an obvious gunshot wound to the head.

The Houston police department further concluded the manner of death as ‘homicide’. Reports say Takeoff’s body is ready to be transported to the family for funeral preparations.

Meanwhile, Takeoff’s record label Quality Control Music issued a release claiming he died from a stray bullet contrary to the obvious cause of homicide.

This declaration got me wondering if the family knows the shooter. Black folks always know stuff. Takeoff died on 1st November after a dice game involving his uncle Quavo and some other black folks turned chaotic in Houston.

According to reports, police have a person of interest in custody but are yet to make that information public depending on the outcome. They continue to plead with the public to bring forward any vital info that will aid the investigation. Considering the number of people present at the game, the shooter should be in custody by now but here we are.

TSR Reports:

While Takeoff’s passing may still be fresh, Texas officials are moving quickly with their investigations into his death. The Houston Police Department held a press conference on Tuesday urging people to come forward with information and footage. Meanwhile, per TMZ, a medical examiner has concluded the investigation into the rapper’s cause of death. According to the report, Takeoff died from gunshot wounds to his upper body area–confirming initial claims about how he died.

A screenshot of the coroner report, shared by the NY Post, also lists the death certificate as “not ready.” However, the report says Takeoff is “ready for transport,” meaning the family can receive his body to prepare for funeral services.

While the report lists homicide, Takeoff’s label Quality Control Music seemingly suggested his death was an accident. In a statement released Tuesday, QC wrote that “senseless violence and a stray bullet” took one-third of Migos.The label’s CEO, Pierre “P” Thomas, also spoke on Takeoff shortly after the statement’s release. In addition to expressing his love for the fallen artist, he called on the community to cut the violence.

As previously reported, Houston police received a 911 call about a shooting at about 2:30 a.m. on November 1

The NY Post claims that police have one person of interest in custody, but such an update hasn’t yet been made public by the department.

This story is still developing

. Takeoff and Quavo attended a private event at 810 Billiards & Bowling Houston when the shooting occurred. Police discovered multiple shell casings on the venue’s third level.

However, at this time, it’s unclear how many bullets penetrated Takeoff. A 23-year-old man and a 24-year-old woman suffered non-life-threatening injuries and took themselves to the hospital.

Initial reports claimed an argument ensued during a dice game where Quavo was a player and Takeoff a bystander. However, police have only confirmed that an argument took place. Houston PD Chief Troy Finner told reporters on Tuesday that his department has “no reason to believe that [Takeoff] was involved in anything criminal.” 

The NY Post claims that police have one person of interest in custody, but such an update hasn’t yet been made public by the department.

This story is still developing.

Takeoff was the youngest of three brothers from Migos hip hop group in addition to Quavo and Offset. RIP Champ!

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