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Takeoff Died Without A Will And His Estranged Family, Mother, And Father Are Fighting Over His Wealth

Migos' Rapper, Takeoff, Reportedly Shot Dead In Houston Over A Game Of Dice

Rapper Takeoff while alive hardly mentioned his father when talking about his family. It has always been his mother Edna Marshal (Edna Mae) his uncle Quavo, and his cousin Offset. So the Migos rapper was more open about his maternal family than his paternal line.

His father Kenneth Ball never came out to condemn the neglect of Takeoff while he was alive, so we all believed he was indeed an absent dad since mother raised Takeoff while separated from Kenneth, and allegedly forbade the rapper from having a relationship with him.

However, upon Takeoff’s tragic death, his paternal family including his father Kenneth and some cousins are demanding respect and also a share in the rapper’s wealth. The family is calling out the media for labeling Kenneth an absent father, and also ready to drag Takeoff’s maternal line over the young rapper’s fortune. Because Edna is passed, his father’s side feels they deserve the wealth, allegedly with no work done. (Edna passed in 2019 at 82. May she rest well!)

According to these folks, Kenneth Ball and Takeoff had a relationship enough for Kenneth to benefit from his millions. So barely 2 days after his burial, the estranged families are done grieving and ready to fight over who deserves a share in the deceased’s fortune. Well, Takeoff died without a will, so the drama may lead to court.

Media Take Out Reports;

Rapper Takeoff from The Migos died two weeks ago, and he was finally laid to rest on Friday in a touching ceremony in Atlanta.

Now Media Take Out has learned that there’s drama brewing in Takeoff’s family – and it may have to do with the MILLIONS that the rapper earned throughout his life, and will continue to make even after his death.

Media Take Out spoke with a person in the know who told us that Takeoff did NOT have a will. The rap superstar also did not have any children. Therefore under Georgia state law, his entire estate will go to his closest living relatives. In Takeoff’s case that would be his mother and his father.

There’s one issue – Takeoff’s mother and his father are NOT on good terms.

According to people close to the situation, Takeoff’s mom raised the rapper – and they are not clear what involvement Takeoff’s father had in rearing the 28 year old Migos star.

Recently Takeoff’s father’s relatives began talking on social media, suggesting that Takeoff and his father DID have a relationship, and that the father WAS involved in his rearing.

Whatever the case, we do know that Takeoff’s dad Kenneth was certainly devastated by the news of his first born son’s passing.

Over the past few days, many members from Takeoff’s father’s side took to social media, to explain how not only Takeoff’s father, but they were also in his life, and deserved recognition. Look:

Normal families set up a foundation to help fight the cause that led to the family member’s death but that’s not happening in Takeoff’s case of gun violence as they are already fighting over who deserves this and that.

The Police are yet to arrest the killer but all that also does not matter when there are millions to brawl over!

Here is all the DRAMA:

1 thought on “Takeoff Died Without A Will And His Estranged Family, Mother, And Father Are Fighting Over His Wealth”

  1. Everyday I can’t stop thinking of takeoff’s talent and his calm spirit that was so wasted by rough barbaric individuals.
    His legacies will live on.
    Rest well till we meet with CHRIST KIRSNICK.

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