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T.J. Holmes Allegedly Had An Affair With Married Producer Natasha Singh Before Moving Onto Co-Anchor Amy Robach

T.J. Holmes Allegedly Had An Affair With Married Producer Natasha Singh Before Moving Onto Co-Anchor Amy Robach

T.J. Holmes has been up and about with his cheating games, and it is unsettling.

As we dig deeper into TJ Holmes and Amy Robach‘s messy affair, we keep getting immersed in the f***ery this whole sh-t entails. Allegedly, this isn’t the first cheating crap from T.J. Holmes, dude has had a whole 3 years affair with married Good Morning America producer Natasha Singh while still married to Marilee Fiebigs.

To shock you even further, Amy allegedly was T.J. and Natasha’s confider during their affair. And she waited patiently for her turn while Marilee was focused on Natasha.

T.J.’s wife got a hint of the affair in 2019, and while she was focused on getting Natasha’s a** off her cheating husband’s back, Amy stepped into the role in her oblivion. Marilee was blindsided and completely depressed by the development.

Via Page Six;

As if things could get any messier.

Before T.J. Holmes started a relationship with his “GMA 3” co-anchor Amy Robach, he had a three-year affair with married “Good Morning America” producer Natasha Singh that started in 2016.

Multiple sources told Page Six the cheating duo confided in Robach about their infidelity.

“Amy was the person they went to talk to about their affair and marriages,” an insider claimed.

Another source disputed that Robach was their confidante and insisted “she didn’t know about the affair until it was in its final stages. They told her about it right at the end.”

Their affair started off long distance with Holmes based in New York and Singh working as a producer for the show from Los Angeles.

Holmes was just a “GMA” correspondent at the time and we’re told they’d meet up for romps during his travel

Singh, who is also a yoga teacher and mediator, left the show in 2018 and moved to New York, where she started working as a producer for CBS Mornings. That’s when she and Holmes started spending even more time together.

“She fell in love with him. He had a key to her apartment,” another insider told us.

Singh told us “no comment” when we reached out.

Holmes’ wife, Marilee Fiebig, found out about the affair in 2019 after discovering several emails, we’re told.

And as rumors swirled about Holmes and Robach, “Marilee never considered Amy because she was focused on Natasha. She never thought about [him cheating] with Amy because they were friends. Amy’s daughter was their daughter’s babysitter,” the first source said.

Holmes ended the affair and the couple started working to reconcile their marriage throughout the pandemic.

Robach, however, remained friends with Singh and it angered Fiebig because “she would see photos of them on Instagram and she didn’t understand how their friend and her husband’s co-host could remain friends with the woman who tried to break up their marriage,” the third source said.

Singh’s friendship with Robach, however, soured earlier this year “around spring because [Amy] was so close to TJ,” they added.

It wasn’t until the summer that Fiebig grew suspicious of Robach because they started seeming “closer than colleagues.” Multiple sources told us Holmes and Robach would have random meetings during the day and hit the pub to have drinks with each other.

Still, Holmes and his wife “were fully together” in August and even celebrated his birthday with a trip to the Bahamas.

It was there that Feibig discovered a birthday card from Robach that was too personal and “it brought back the old Natasha drama. She couldn’t trust him anymore,” the third source said.

Reps for the “GMA” couple and Fiebig did not comment.

Marilee should be proud she does not have to deal with TJ’s cunning self anymore, dude is toxic AF. And with these two individuals together, hardly will something good comes of this affair.

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