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SZA Shares Images And Videos Of Her Post-Surgery Chubby Body

Fans Think SZA's Surgeon Did A Good Job After Unveiling Her Body Following Her Second Successful BBL

SZA has been labeled as a beautiful natural woman for years until she decided that being natural is boring and opted to completely change her looks forever through excessive surgeries. The bony singer is now chubby with more flesh, and although SZA seems obsessive over her new body, social media is disgusted.

SZA was featured in Kim Kardashian’s SKIM wear ad campaign, and it did well to expose the new botched body she has acquired through several excessive surgeries and has got folks discussing her appearance all over again.

According to sources, the surgeries are estimated to cost about $1 million. While chubby people are striving to become skinny, some bonny folks like SZA are spending millions to get some flesh.

Via Media Take Out;

R&B singer Sza recently had a lot of plastic surgery – and as a result, she looks a lot different.

According to online reports, Sza had extensive “fat transfer” surgeries, where fat was liposuctioned from her body, and transferred to her hips, thighs, and backside. She also underwent a series of other surgeries, to her face, which were designed to give her that popular “Instagram model” look.

One prominent online blog spoke with a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who estimated that all of Sza’s surgeries likely cost her north of $100,000.

While some celebrities are now getting obsessed with cosmetic surgeries, a few former addicts have been advising against the procedures and asking women to desist from the act completely.

Here are photos of SZA’s new body:

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