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Sydney Lowery, Third Victim In The Shooting That Killed Takeoff Still Hospitalized With His Mom Starting A GoFundMe To Pay Her Medical Bills

Sydney Lowery, Third Victim In The Shooting That Killed Takeoff Still Hospitalized With His Mom Starting A GoFundMe

The November 1st tragedy that saw the death of Migos rapper Takeoff also negatively changed the lives of two other victims: Sydney Lowery and Quavo’s assistant Joshua Wash Washington. Although authorities described their injuries as non-life threatening, Sydney’s mother feels otherwise.

While authorities reported that these two individuals suffered minor injuries and hence will recover in no time, Sydney’s mother Sakara Carom-Lowery took to social media to lament how emotionally and financially draining the aftermath has been. Sydney’s mother claims her daughter suffered a gunshot wound to the head and will have permanent damages as a result of the tragedy.

After lamenting about the financial troubles the tragedy has left them with, Sakara Carom-Lowery announced her GoFundMe to help with the bills of her now bedridden daughter.

Via Media Take Out;

Migos rapper Takeoff was gunned down inside Houston’s 810 Billiards and Bowling two months ago. While the media has spent a good amount of time discussing the death of the popular rapper … he wasn’t the only victim that day.

Media Take Out confirmed that there was another victim, a beautiful young woman named Sydney Lowery was severely injured during the shooting that led to Migos’ Takeoff’s death. Her mother, Sakara Carom-Lowery, said the medical bills are accruing and started a GoFundMe.

Sydney’s mother write, “[This senseless act of violence left my daughter, Sydney, who was an innocent bystander, with a GUNSHOT to the head.”

“We are very fortunate that she survived; But has been left with substantial medical bills that are still accruing. (Hundreds Of Thousands),” she added.

“Both Physical and Mental, Disabling Damages requiring treatment that is likely to abide with her for the balance of her Natural Life. These Lifealtering Debilitating Injuries has left my once happy girl completely traumatized.”

The mom added that, unfortunately, Sydney did not have any insurance.

Police charged Patrick Clark with the shooting of Migos rapper, Takeoff. Patrick was released on a $1M bail from the Harris County Jail on Jan. 4.

He was arrested in December and charged with murder concerning the shooting. A third victim, Takeoff’s assistant, was another innocent bystander who was injured in the tragic events of that night.

Imagine standing by a roadside and having your life permanently changed this terribly. Must be daunting!

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