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Suspended Lovebirds Amy Robach And TJ Holmes Start Mediation With ABC To Get Their Jobs Back

T.J Holmes And Amy Robach Spotted At Atlanta Airport Together

Suspended Amy Robach and TJ Holmes have begun their mediation with ABC network in an attempt to prove they were unfairly suspended.

While the mediation commenced yesterday, it has been reported that ABC network is concerned about how wildly information on the ongoing case spread. So they are treating the mediation with absolute secrecy.

Allegedly, the hearing will happen in a zoom conversation between just culprits and the needed board members because the network is convinced that staff members are leaking information to the press. The staff is suspicious of each other for leaking info to the press.

The irony in ABC desperately trying to keep information from the public is damning, for a media house that has been in people’s business for decades, the least they can do is make public every piece of information as the case progresses. But no, they are determined to keep proceedings under wraps, at least for the time being.

Via Page Six;

It’s war.

Mediation between ABC and their lovebird “GMA3” anchors T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach started Thursday and could go well into the weekend — perhaps even next week — according to insiders.

“There could be a couple of days of back and forth,” one source told Page Six.

Multiple sources told us ABC is concerned about potential leaks, and has launched an internal investigation into who might be running their mouths about the scandalous couple at the company, in addition to their Holmes and Robach probe.

“No one is sharing any information [about the investigation] because they’re afraid of people leaking,” a second source confirmed.

Needless to say, there’s a lot of finger-pointing going on behind the scenes, we hear, with all sides accusing each other of shenanigans, we’re told.

Case in point: The investigation is so close to the vest that after TMZ reported on details of the mediation (including its start date, and that the couple would appear on Zoom), multiple sources said they felt like the information came from someone in the room.

Our first source explained, “Only [direct people involved] would know those kinds of details.”

Meanwhile, others feel like ABC is trying to weaponize Holmes’ numerous alleged affairs with women at the company.

A third person implied that all the negative press that Holmes is receiving “is a shot across the bow, a warning sign,” from ABC.

And now it appears the couple has already come a long way from the days when their ABC colleagues apparently prayed with them after their affair was exposed.

A fourth source claims their colleagues at the network are split on whether they want them to return. “Half would love to see them back. Half would love to see them go,” the source said.

One thing that everyone can agree on is that they’re ready to put the Robach and Holmes affair scandal to bed. The lovebird anchors even escaped to Turks & Caicos, Robach’s previous getaway with estranged husband Andrew Shue, earlier this week for a break from the drama.

Reps did not comment, and Holmes has not commented on the alleged affairs.

Meanwhile, because of the alleged numerous affairs TJ Holmes was involved in, it is fair to say that the network is not ready to bring his a** back on their platform.

Amy Robach on the other hand has a fair chance to be restored; however, according to rumors, both of them will be kicked off ABC permanently. And that will be decided at the end of the mediation, hopefully, come next week.

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