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Summer Walker Slides Into DM’s Of Lil Meech’s Side Chick After She Posted A Video Wearing His Chain 

Summer Walker Allegedly Dating BMF Lead Actor Lil Meech

Summer Walker left her three kids and hopped on the internet to fight her 22-year-old boyfriend, Lil Meech‘s side chick. A woman took to Instagram to post a video of herself wearing Lil Meech’s BMF customized chain, and 27-year-old Summer Walker did not hesitate to hop into the side chick’s DM to query her on why she was wearing her boyfriend’s chain.

Well, tends out. Meech and the side chick rehearsed a lie they were ready to tell in case they got caught. So when Summer hopped into her DM, she told that lie to her. But things took a swift turn when Meech called her ugly. The lady then retracted the lie she planned with Meech and confirmed that she recently spent time together with Meech while they were in Toronto, and he even had to sneak around and Facetime Summer while they were on it.

Via Media Take Out;

Summer Walker and her new boyfriend, BMF actor Lil Meech have been all over Instagram lately as couple goals. But yesterday, one of Lil Meec’;s other women started going viral. The beautiful woman posted a video, Media Take Out learned, showing her wearing Lil Meech’s chain.

Summer, being the jealous girlfriend that she is, immediately reached out to the girl to see what was going on between her and Lil Meech.

Lil Meech then took to Twitter to explain that the girl got the chain from one of his security guards. Lil Meech claims that the security team member let the woman wear the chain to try and impress her.

The story sounded believable at first, and the alleged side chick was going along with it. But then Lil Meech made the cardinal sin – he insulted the side piece. Lil Meech said that she was “ugly.”

At that point, Media Take Out learned that the alleged side piece then came clean – and exposed her relationship with Lil Meech, According to her, she and Lil Meech hooked up while in Toronto. She claims that while they were together, Meech even FaceTimed Summer Walker.

The current dating trend is disgusting; once these young male talents start getting some fame and money, these cougars grab them and try to groom them or lock them down with kids. The desperation is sickening.

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