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Summer Walker Holds A Voo Doo Ceremony To Cleanse Herself From Bad Spirits

Summer Walker Holds A Voo Doo Ceremony To Cleanse Herself From Bad Spirits

Summer Walker after her massive breakthrough in 2019 has had more emotionally draining moments than uplifting ones, from her poor choice of men, and even her career decline.

We didn’t just realize the bad pattern in the R&B singer’s life, she did as well, and to our surprise, she took a shocking stand and invited Voo Doo for a cleansing ceremony.

Summer announced the ritual on her Instagram, and according to her, she is cleansed and has never felt as home as she did with priests and the people around her that saw it happen. B-tch has always been weird.

Summer claims the ceremony was amazing, and it has made her a more positive person, and she is now pure and new.

Media Take Out Reports;

R&B singer Summer Walker has a lot of good things in her life, and a lot of bad things also. Her career took off in 2019, and she quickly became one of the most popular R&B singers in the world.

But since then, Summer has made some pretty poor choices, particularly in men, and now her career is on crutches, and she’s a single mom to three children.

Over the weekend, the beautiful singer decided to cleanse her life of bad spirits. Summer called in a few practitioners of African spiritual rituals, to help her cast out the evil spirits.

After it was over, Summer explained, “This was the Most amazing incredible breathtaking beautiful unforgettable year probably of my entire life. Purged out all the bad, truly let go, surrendered & in return I was flooded with an abundance of everything good pure and new.”

She continued, “All was revealed & I’ve been reborn. A brand NEW woman filled with confidence self love self worth strength & discipline. I’ve never had faith like this, I got to witness so many miracles. All of my prayers were answered my ancestors/spirit guides really heard me, every word… that’s crazy.”

Summer then went on to praise the practitioners that helped with the ceremony. “I’ve never had family&friends like I do now, never been genuinely loved like I am now. I’ve been gifted with lifetime mentors & role models with top tier guidance. I have a home now, somewhere i fit in perfectly, some where I’m seen & understood. Maferefun Oya Ochun , blessings to my Godparents & elders. & now I’m outsideeeee lol”.

What next? Expect to see Summer Walker’s greatness this year!

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