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Stevie J Says He Caught Faith Evans Sleeping With Men In His Bed – Releases Video Evidence To Prove His Case

Stevie J Says He Caught Faith Evans Sleeping With Men In His Bed And Releases Video Evidence

Stevie J filed for a divorce from his wife Faith Evans without telling her and according to Faith, she got to know about the divorce on Twitter. I’m sure she was the first person Twitter notified when news of her husband filing for divorce from her got into the headlines.

Stevie J is now out there speaking on why he is divorcing Faith Evans—and according to him, he busted Faith sleeping with other men in his bed. If this is true then he did no wrong by filing for a divorce to end their three years of marriage. Cheating is a deal-breaker in relationships and marriages these days!

MTO News reports that Stevie J has provided video evidence of Faith Evans cheating on him with other men in his bed.

“Yesterday, the reality show star leaked video evidence which he claims proves thatĀ Faith was sleeping with other men during their marriage – and in HIS BED!!

In the explosive video, which was initially posted by Atlanta blogger Tasha K, Stevie confronts Faith in their home. He accuses her of cheating on him, and asks her “why” she did it.

In the video, which seems to have been taken in the middle of the night, Faith never admits to cheating. She appears annoyed by Stevie’s behavior – and asks to be left alone so she could sleep.”

The video just got released and Faith Evans is yet to give her side of the cheating allegation leveled against her by her estranged husband, Stevie J—who is now dumping her as*.

Faith Evans and Stevie J still have pictures of each on their Instagram pages, they are yet to do the needful and get rid of the pictures but since that hasn’t happened yet, there is hope for them to get back again.

Here is the video Stevie J posted to prove Faith is cheating on him with other men.