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Steve Harvey’s Family Drama! Morgan Harvey Shuns Her Sister Lori Harvey On Her 26th Birthday

Steve Harvey's Family Drama! Morgan Harvey Shuns Her Sister Lori Harvey On Her 26th Birthday

One of the favorite television relationship experts of our time, Steve Harvey, ironically, is having a family drama. Allegedly, two of Steve’s adopted kids, Lori Harvey and Morgan Harvey cannot see eye to eye.

The most popular kid of all Steve’s kids Lori Harvey turned 26 on 13th January, being a party person, she organized two posh parties: one for her celebrity friends, and ex-boyfriends, and the other for her immediate family and current boyfriend Damson Idris.

However, Lori’s big sister Morgan Harvey failed to attend both parties because there is hostility going on in the home of the celebrity counselor. (Surprised? Then you’ve not heard of Derrick Jaxn). While Steve Harvey is helping people become less bitter, his kids are out there being rancor and avoiding each other.

Well, Steve himself, his wife, Marjorie Harvey, and all the other kids made it to the splash party. Morgan was the only close family member missing, and reports say she was on a family vacation in the Dominican. So Morgan ditched the party and never celebrated her sister on Instagram.

I can’t confirm what the fuss is between Morgan and Lori, but I can guarantee Lori is the problem based on her numerous relationships. (Hear me out). She seems like a lot of work, and clearly, her sister cannot deal with her drama.

Via Media Take Out;

Lori Harvey celebrated her birthday last week. She had two birthday parties – one public party, inside a Los Angeles nightclub with celebrity friends and boyfriend Damson Idris. And a second party, Media Take Out confirmed, in Atlanta, with just her close family members.

But Media Take Out confirmed that Lori’s eldest sister Morgan did not attend either party.

And there’s an image from Lori’s private celebration with Steve, Marjorie, and her step brothers and sisters.

Lori’s eldest sister Morgan wasn’t at either event. Instead, she went to the Dominican Republic on a family vacation, according to her latest Instagram posts:

So who is Lori’s eldest sister Morgan? Media Take Out did some digging, and learned that Morgan is a beautiful entrepreneur and mom who lives in Atlanta with her family – just a few miles from Steve and Marjorie. So her not attending Lori’s Atlanta family party is pretty surprising.

And it appears as if Morgan has been estranged from Steve, Marjorie, and Lori for some time. We looked through Morgan’s social media posts, and while many old posts which included Lori, her mom and Steve – she hasn’t posted about Lori or her mom in more than 2 years.

The last pic with Marjorie, from 2020, was in Memphis at an event celebrating Marjorie’s father (Morgan’s grandfather) birthday.

The last birthday shout out that Morgan gave to Lori, was in 2020 – three years ago:

So what happened between Morgan and Lori? Media Take Out was not able to determine – but we do know that Morgan has a relationship with her birth father, Darnell Woods. Darnell and Marjorie were married – before he went to prison – then she met and married Steve. After Steve married Marjorie, he reportedly adopted ALL of her kids, including Morgan.

So … could Morgan’s relationship with her birth father be coming between her relationship with her new celebrity fam???

“Hello Steve, my name is Lori Harvey, my big sister Morgan and I have been at loggerheads since 2020, what do I do?” That’s beyond his pay grade, I presume. It is easy to deal with issues you are not directly related to, and Steve Harvey is living proof/meme of that.

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