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Stacy Amoateng Allegedly Wants Xandy Kamel’s Sh*t Show Taken Off Angel TV Because It’s Bringing Nothing To The Company – Full Gist

Stacy Amoateng Allegedly Wants Xandy Kamel's Sh*t Show Taken Off Angel TV Because It's Bringing Nothing To The Company - Full Gist

The Executive Director of Angel Broadcasting Network, Stacy Amoateng, is allegedly working on kicking Xandy Kamel‘s sh*t show, ‘Yenom Tea’ off Angel TV for the reason that it’s bringing nothing to the company. In simple terms, Stacy thinks Xandy is a liability to the company.

Stacy Amoateng and Xandy Kamel are at war at Angel Broadcasting Network. Xandy has reportedly reported Stacy to Dr Kwaku Oteng and accused her and her husband, Okyeame Quophi of pocketing money belonging to the company.

Stacy wants Xandy Kamel off, Xandy is also protecting her daily bread. To me, that sh*t show should be taken off Angel TV because it’s not worth watching. I doubt if people even watch it.

Read the full gist below…

“Hello !!!! Tea or coffee ?

So there is tension among these two. How will I even call it. Let’s say oyaa suro oyaa

So Mama apparently wants Xandys programme to be taken off air. Mama is saying her programme isn’t bringing anything important to the station oooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Ahhh seriously mama is savage. In other words programme na useless one anaa🤣🤣🤣 3ne3 bring your bread eerrhhh let’s drink some tea.

So she is actually working towards it then boom Xandy heard the information. We all know she too ony3 adwe a abrewa bo. Her adrenaline shot high. Sister went straight to Mr Oteng ooooo🤣🤣 asem nu kraa y3 me sere 🤣

Well she also told the man how mama isn’t bringing any improvement to the station. Same old thing and nothing new as at when our beauty queen was in charge. She also spoke about the corner corner money she’s been pocketing with her hubby.

So as it is now they are okk ooo but deep down they are willing to bite each other behind close doors

Mama want to pull Xandy away and Xandy wants to keep her job. Who do you think will win at the end ?”