Speedy Recovery To Celestine Donkor’s Husband’s ‘D’ As It Has Refused To Function After He Recovered From COVID-19

Speedy Recovery To Celestine Donkor's Husband's 'D' As It Has Refused To Function After Recovering From COVID-19
Celestine Donkor & Husband

There is sad news and it has to do with how gospel musician, Celestine Donkor isn’t going to get a ‘D’ to swallow anymore if care isn’t taken.

According to her husband, Kofi Donkor, he contracted the deadly COVID-19 somewhere in December 2020 and recovered quick but then his manhood refused to function.

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Yes, it’s reported and confirmed that once a male recovers from Coronavirus, he’s likely to experience erectile dysfunction and that is what Celestine Donkor’s husband experienced after recovering from the virus.

The man in a Facebook post revealed;

“COVID IS REAL!On 19th December 2020, my wife and I tested positive for COVID.My recovery was faster than expected.Fast forward, about 10days after my recovery I was struggling with appetit and worst of all I had no erection.Please mask-up!#maskup“.

We wish his ‘D’ a speedy recovery!