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Soulja Boy Blasts Torry Lanez Following His Shooting Conviction

Soulja Boy Blasts Torry Lanez Following His Shooting Conviction

Okay, Soulja Boy is the only male rapper to publicly side with Megan Thee Stallion aside from her boyfriend Pardison Pardi in the just-ended shooting trial. Soulja Boy held an Instagram live session recently where he blasted Tory Lanez‘s whole being and rendered him worthless for shooting Megan. According to Soulja Boy, winning the trial is not enough for Megan if all the male rappers continue to disrespect and call her a liar.

Soulja Boy says he is ashamed he is the first rapper to condemn the act and went further to trash Tory’s rap career and his life in general. According to Soulja, Tory “has trash songs, his rap career is trash and his whole life is trash, so he deserves to go to jail and get his a** f—ed for shooting a b-tch.” Yes, it was intense.

Tory is currently in jail after he shockingly lost the trial in December last year despite his confidence to win. He will be sentenced to at least two decades in prison this January. However, he still maintains his innocence and plans to file for an appeal. Despite his conviction, he gained massive support from the male rap fraternity until Soulja Boy set the pace. Let’s see if more male rappers will follow suit.

Media Take Out Reports;

Rapper Soulja Boy has spoken out in defense of Megan Thee Stallion after people continued to side with Tory Lanez who was found guilty of shooting her.

“Yall n-ggas out here shooting bitches and aint nobody gone say nothing? I’m the only n-gga in the whole rap game that’s gonna say something? Ok, cool,” he said on Live. “Well, Tory Lanez you a bitch. You a bitch n-gga on me,” he continued. “Yall watched this n-gga shoot this bitch and everybody said, ‘He aint do it.’ Man, f-ck yall lame ass n-ggas.”

Soulja Boy even went as far as to roast Lanez’s rap career.

“You want to shoot bitches in the feet n-gga? You’s a p-ssy n-gga. And when you get from jail n-gga you know where I’m at. You got a problem n-gga I’ll beat your bitch ass n-gga. Don’t never rap over none of my beats, don’t never freestyle over none of my beats. You trash n-gga. Your music trash. Your career trash. Your whole life trash.”

While Soulja Boy was actively roasting Tory Lanez, his comment section was filled with people pleading with him to stop for the fear of his life. According to these folks, Soulja Boy will be shot and killed for speaking out for Megan.

So did all the other rappers that supported Tory did so out of fear or their own volition?

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